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Gsdawgsquad2 6 days ago

Newports' Finest

We love dining with you!!! Our newest fav is your Cioppino, so delish & ask for extra bread to sop up their delicious sauce!! Good to the last bite!! Grilled Romaine is the perfect starter along with Housemade Clam Chowder too!! Lobster Roll is another favorite & must try!! So many great dishes to choose from & you can't go wrong nit matter what or how many!! Can't wait to eat with you again!!

Mauidiva7 about 2 months ago

Hook Plate

Since I live within walking distance, I eat at Hook & Anchor several times a week. My husband and I have had almost everything on the menu, and it is all fantastic. Super quality, fresh food at affordable prices. The staff is super friendly and efficient, and we love going there. Their food rivals the best seafood restaurants in town--you will not be disappointed.

Vincent 3 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

Buttery and Grilled brioche bun. Plenty of lobster meat stuffed in this roll. Would recommend highly.

Fnunez101 4 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

The lobster roll is so Delicious!! Probably the best Lobster roll I've ever had. I am not from the area but visit often and found Hook & Anchor. I promise I will be back because I'm home now and craving it!! Sooooo Yummmyyyyy!!!!!

Vicki 5 months ago

Hook Plate

A nibble here and there off all plates. cannot go wrong with this restaurant. We have go to spots and this made it to top of list.

Bk 6 months ago

Crusty Crab

Wow! Delicious can't wait to try the whole menu!

Lwynn1999 6 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

I am a seafood fanatic and will travel to the ends of the world to eat good seafoods. The LOBSTER roll here hands down, is the BEST in California!! Only thing better would be if they serve the steam lobster with a side of butter... wink wink something to think about as they expand their amazing menu. We've had their cioppino, mac & cheese, Po boy, clams, clam chowders, Lobster rolls and I will tell you.. their foods will NOT disappoint!! We don't live in the area but have come back over a dozen time this past year alone just to enjoy their juicy, generous portion Lobster Rolls & whatever else new they put on the menu. i like that the price is SOOO reasonable for the excellent quality & freshness of the seafoods served here. So happy to see they are expanding to a larger place so I can possibly bring my herd of friends here to enjoy this delicious seafood serving establishment in the heart of Beautiful Newport Beach!!! Pls don't change and continue to serve the excellent quality of foods with the sweet and friendly service of staffs. 10 stars!!! ❤️👍👏🏻🥰

Thisisme 7 months ago

Garlic Parm Lobster Fries

OMG...I'm a 'seafood over meat' person & this dish was unbelievably fantastic 🦞

Mrpyre 7 months ago

Garlic Parm Lobster Fries

Twas the hunger of discontent made gloriously full by Lobster. The Roll, Fries, Mac & Cheese- order all three & Split between you. Add the Chowder & 🥺🥰

Erin 7 months ago

Po' Boys

This is a PERFECT sandwich! My husband is very picky, but Hook & Anchor never lets him down. We've tried almost every menu item, loved every menu item and look forward with great enthusiasm to Wayne's new creations.

Sonia 7 months ago

Lobster Sriracha Mac & Cheese

OMG!!!! Talk about amazing!! If you are ever in Newport Beach this has to be the place to take a nice break and get some tasty treats. For anyone craving seafood with their comfort food what better dish is there. A huge crab claw and creamy flavorful macaroni and cheese. They compliment each other perfectly. A must have when stopping by to eat at this fantastic establishment.

Sunxxs 7 months ago

Hook Plate

The Fish is Always cooked to perfection! Scottish Salmon, scallops, yelliwtail, halibut. And More. Ask for the Fish of the Day. Always written on a board. Cioppino Is Fabulous too (special). Everything is Yummy!

David 7 months ago

Newports' Finest

We stopped in for lunch and the Newport salad was a great value. The shrimp, lobster, and all the ingredients were fresh and tasty. Been driving by for the last year and glad we did. Will definitely return. FYI they are moving in a couple weeks to Suite A a few doors down into a larger space.

Bellatrella26 8 months ago

Po' Boys

O...M...G!!! Though I'm writing this review, words COULD NEVER fully express the deliciousness or flavor explosion of this po' boy and food! The seafood was cooked perfectly! The execution was simply the best! 5 HUGE stars all the way***** We were (4) in total and I, myself, got the po' boy w/ a beautifully seasoned soft-shelled crab and shrimp; my sister got the lobster roll and would not even talk while she was eating b/c it was so good; my mom ordered the fish 'n chips (added shrimp); and my bf went w/ the po' boy w/ the soft-shelled crab and asked for a piece of fish...FLAVOR PARTY IN ALL (4) OF OUR MOUTHS! I still can't believe how great the food was and just how friendly the service is at Hook 'N Anchor! We LOVE NB and to find a gem like this is a rarity! Unfortunately, either you get the delish food and the service lacks or vice versa...NOT HERE, FOLKS! You get the privilege of tasting what perfectly cooked seafood tastes like and are treated like the human being that you are :) The most bizarre thing is that the cajun-style fries compete for the spotlight, too! These are not your every day, "golden-arch" variety fries (no!)! These fries are blessed before making there way to your plate with the good! The only regret we have is that we live in Vegas and only make it to NB 4-5 times a year! Whatever you're doing, whatever magic is put in this food...PLEASE, I IMPLORE YOU! KEEP IT UP! Thank you :)

Jeffrey 8 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

My wife and I both ordered the lobster rolls and we both agree that they were the best we have ever had. It is our go to dish when we are out and about without the kids and these were made to absolute perfection. The lobster was top notch and throughout the entire experience we had not one single thing to complain about. Fair pricing and fantastic service. We will be back again!

Chase 8 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

Lobster roll was awesome! So much lobster, great taste on a soft roll! Love it!

Dave 9 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

Outstanding! A generous portion of lobster meat piled high on a toasted, buttery roll served "chef's way", topped with a tasty lemon mayo. This is our "go to" place for lobster when we visit Newport Beach from Chicago. The staff is friendly, the fish is fresh, and the price is very reasonable for the quality you get. Highly recommend!

Mprcorona 10 months ago

Crusty Crab

I'm not normally a seafood person but the reviews were incredible. I walked in and a stranger says to me "best Crab Cakes in the world". So I ordered it and the family ordered Lobster rolls. Literally some of the best food I've ever eaten. Can't wait to return!

Tara 11 months ago

Surf & Turf

We have a friend that has been to Hook and Anchor multiple times, and their go to dish was the Surf & Turf. We came this past week and it was so amazing. The amount of steak and the fresh Mahi Mahi was beyond delicious. I been to a lot of restaurants all over the country and would recommend this place over any extravagant sit down place in a heart beat. They also recommended a caper sauce with the fish, which was delicious and for our sides we had roasted veggies and the quinoa. Needless t say, we left nothing on the place. I highly recommend this place for a delicious meal and a welcoming experience. Can't wait to go back!

A54f100 11 months ago

Hook Plate

So glad I found this place. Food has been amazing every visit. I try to get whatever special the chef has selected and I've had just amazing seafood risotto and the Chippino (so good I came back for twice). The hook plate is the day to day favorite. Nice portion of grilled fresh fish and sides. The prices are great for the quality and taste your getting. Location is small and casual dining but the food more than makes up for it. You can BYOB as well as they don't have a liquor sales license but there's a store less than 100 yards away. Great little secret place.

Mcrx 9 days ago

Newports' Finest

I love this salad so much that I order it for dinner parties. Everyone is so impressed! I've even had the fixings packed separately so I can build it at home on my fancy plates. I always fess up, but people are still impressed and want to know where I got it. I serve it as the entree and it makes entertaining a breeze. Plus, everyone wants to eat healthy but still feel like they're eating something special and this salad makes that happen.

Kimberjperry 2 months ago

Hook Plate

I love eating fish, however I don't like cooking it. I call a head and pick up healthy grilled fish and veggie dinner on my way home from work. The fish is always fresh and cooked to perfection.

Nhaeger 3 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

Lobster Roll (get it chef's way) is EPIC!!!!!! Lots of lobster and the sauces are super flavorful while the bun is soft, warm and delectable. I'll be back for sure.

Tatum 5 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

Holy Moly! I am an east coaster turned west coaster and have had my fair share of lobster rolls, clam chowder, po boys and more. I was on the hunt for my new go-to spot to fill my seafood craving needs and this place did not disappoint. Hunks of lobster, buttery brioche roll and the perfect "summer boardwalk" type fries. Yup! I will 1000% be back for this bad boy! Thank you for excellent service + killer food!

Brianpurtle123 6 months ago

Hook Plate

Amazing food! I've been coming here since they opened and every time the food has been amazing and well portioned. The prices are very fair for the quality and portion size. I had the swordfish plate, with a nice sized portion of swordfish cooked perfectly and with a heavenly lemon caper sauce, this was beautifully presented on top of excellent rice and delicious veggies. If you want good fresh fish at a good price, this is your place. Service has always been excellent. Can't praise enough.

Tammyrojas1 6 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

👀 🤤 OH Wow AMAZING!! Lobster galore. Let the drool set in!!! Must also try the fish/chips & the mac cheeze.. oozy gooey goodness

Suzette 7 months ago

Chefs Caprese

I love love love the Caprese at HooknAnchor! I love that they include full leaves of fresh basil and exceptional fresh whole milk mozzarella. The tomatoes are consistently perfectly ripe and they include a generous drizzle of quality balsamic on top! It is a very generous portion and the best Caprese even compared to local quality Italian restaurants! I am Italian, grow my own basil and tomatoes so I am super picky!!

Workbrie 7 months ago

Po' Boys

Perfectly toasted bread Succulent Lobster drizzled with butter.... I mean WOW! I actully found this place at a recent lobster fest in Long Beach and will now be forced to drive to Newport for a lobster po' boy for the rest of life❤❤... P.s did i for get it comes with fries!

Katface 7 months ago

Garlic Parm Lobster Fries

Oh my gosh...these are a must try...and you will be HOOKED! Lots of lobster...and a fun meal..Just love this place, pretty hard to choose a favorite, everything on the menu is good and the chefs are fantastic!

Sonia 7 months ago

Po' Boys

My family and I were in desperate need of quick and tasty lunch and Hook and Anchor answered the call. I had tried the PO Boys and they were mouthwatering delicious. Plenty of food on the plate to fill me up without a bunch of added grease to weigh me down. They were made to perfection and i would invite anyone to give them a try.

Victor 7 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

Best food and service in OC! No matter where you go or what you pay, you will not experience a more delicious blend of food, spices and sides than Hook& Anchor . And the service is the best!

Brotherinchristcmw 7 months ago

Po' Boys

I had really been looking forward to a good seafood meal in Newport Beach, and I'm glad I tried Hook & Anchor! I had a Po' Boy with a soft shelled crab and fish with Cajun fries on the side. I really enjoyed the Po' Boy, and the fries were outstanding! I think if I order it again I might ask for a little less lettuce and tomato so I can really focus on the taste of the seafood; I just want to taste it all the more! I absolutely loved all the decorations and atmosphere in the restaurant, and I look forward to heading there again soon! I've got my eyes on that Crusty Crab!

Bellatrella26 8 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

The flavor is unmatched, the bread...fuggedaboutit, the delicious! You know that you're doing something right when your lettuce and tomato speaks to you, too! This is an amazing lobster roll w/ fantastic butter! People think that there's not much to lobster rolls and just anyone can whip one together...not so! These people know what they're doing! The lobster isn't rubbery and tough! It melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more! I have already written a review for all of my family's meal, but this needs extra attention...this is a crowd-pleaser for ONE! My belly! :) Don't leave this earth w/o trying out Hook 'N Anchor! If you love seafood, you owe it to your tummy to dive in...DO IT!

Djmamaone 8 months ago

Lobster Sriracha Mac & Cheese

The lobster Mac and cheese is unbelievable in taste. So delicious! My husband had a poboy with shrimp and I had a Sammies with halibut. Best ever. We both had salads And I definitely recommend the cilantro dressing. The restaurant is small but going to be expanding. Good size portions for a decent price. Friendly staff.

Leslie 8 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

Best Lobster Roll I have ever had. 💗

Beawesome14 8 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

We were looking for some seafood because who doesn't love seafood when you are at the beach? We came across this place and I was pleasantly surprised. The service was great and the food was AMAZING. I got the lobster roll (chef's way) with Cajun fries and my friend got the caprese salad. So so good! I will definitely be coming back next time I'm in Newport!

Gmartin52 9 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

I am addicted to this restaurant. After a hike at Crystal Cove a lobster roll with Cajun fries is the reward. Tastes so good mskes me want to swallow my tongue! My husband always orders the enormous very crabby crab cake. Yum yum yum yum yum!

Lisa 11 months ago

Lobster Sriracha Mac & Cheese

This is the BEST lobster mac and cheese I've ever had. Every bite contained not just little shreds of lobster but big chunks. The cheese was also sooo rich. My mouth is watering thinking of this dish! Mmmm.

Brittanybowman160523 11 months ago


I know I'm reviewing the fish taco BUT honestly...EVERYTHING I've ever had here is top notch! These guys know what they are doing. My husband and I will not go anywhere else because we know we get what we pay for here and then some! Everyone here is super sweet and friendly. As for the taco I am reviewing, my husband and I will get either the mahi mahi taco blackened or beer battered. Either way is delicious! It's fresh and always cooked to perfection. Their Cajun fries, lobster roll, and mahi plate are GREAT options as well! Really anything you try here, I PROMISE you will NOT be disappointed!!!

Watson43 11 months ago

Lobster Roll w/ Cajun Fries

Best lobster rolls I have ever had. I was on the East coast many times and this beat the ones I had. Everything is GREAT


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